Wind-up USB

Today’s technology moves faster than the speed of light. What is new this minute instantaneously becomes obsolete. The Wind-Up USB key reminds us of the charm of antique toys and clocks, made with time, craft and precision. This subtly hints at the real ‘crank’ mechanism behind computers: the humans.


Poyecto experimental | Produccion de monturas extruidas. Experimental project | Production of extruded frames.

Brand Keyboard

BRANDS : Adidas – Burger king – Coca Cola – Disney – Ebay – Facebook –  Google – Hp – Intel – J&b – Kodak – Lacoste – Mac donald´s – Nike – O2 – Pepsi – Quaker – Rolling stone – Shell – Twitter – Unilever – Virgin – WordPress – Xerox – You … Continue reading

Sharpener RING

Sharpener RING, the luxury tool for architects, designers, artists, ilustrators, … etc.

Speakers Sunflower

‘SUNFLOWER’ is among the 155 shortlisted projects chosen from 3487 designers from 94 different countries participants in the ‘sound innovation’ design competition. Sunflower is an outdoor speaker fed by UV rays through a solar cells center that are positioned in the direction of the sun through a counterweight that allows you to rotate and also … Continue reading