Speakers Sunflower

‘SUNFLOWER’ is among the 155 shortlisted projects chosen from 3487 designers from 94 different countries participants in the ‘sound innovation’ design competition.

Sunflower is an outdoor speaker fed by UV rays through a solar cells center that are positioned in the direction of the sun through a counterweight that allows you to rotate and also get an angle suitable for taking on a spontaneous energy.

Proyecto finalista del concurso internacional SOUND INNOVATION  Paltronics + www.designboom.com

7 Responses to “Speakers Sunflower”
  1. La Tía!!! says:

    Hola Igna!! no puedo ver la imagen!!! beso!!! LT

  2. Leo says:

    No lo puedo ver acá, igual entre en designboom, esta re bueno felicitaciones!!


  3. Mike says:

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  4. Manuel says:

    Podrias colocar la opcion de ver la web en español.

  5. Solar eneragy is the future for the world.
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