Swarovski “Led” + “Sutil Energies”


It’s all about SHINE!

powered by LIC technology (Led-Integrated Crystal)

Now SWAROVSKI crystals stop-depending on external light-sources to shine.

SWAROVSKI STAR carry the light source inside, enhancing their SHININESS!

LIC technology consists on integrating Led (light-emmiting diode) into SWAROVSKI crystals.

Either regular LED or SMD LED can be integrated into carved or cast crystals depending on the specific application.

Applications are endless, from fashion to lighting to accessories or anywhere where an extra shine becomes a distinctive aspecto.



to be used in the search and measurement of sutil energies

Coloured according to the chakras, may be used for Feng-Shui, Reiki, Dowsing, etc

3 Responses to “Swarovski “Led” + “Sutil Energies””
  1. Milena says:

    No cabe duda que es un concepto luminoso.

  2. sunee says:

    Great… another site I can bookmark and never come back to

  3. sunee says:

    That was a nice read

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