You are addicted to YOU TUBE? …

You can not stop watching?…

Sticker + TV = You Tube Addict

Link You Tube

Coming soon the video in You Tube…

165 Responses to “YouTube ADDICT”
  1. Lauren says:


  2. *(º_O)* says:

    I love it! where can I buy one??

  3. ipknoss says:

    amazing, simply amazing, congratulations ;D

  4. thegirlwithkaleidoscopeeyes says:

    That is one cool sticker!

  5. Mr. Shear says:

    Hi, where did you get the stickers made? I’ve got a project I’d like to get stuck on, so to speak.

  6. m4ti says:

    nice idea… but youtube isn’t my addict 🙂

  7. ninebox says:

    im’ agree with @ipknoss.. [^_^]

    can i have that “youtube” sticker ?? 😛

  8. nekocafe says:

    do u have one in YaoiADDICT?…XD

  9. Robin says:

    I want to buy one !

  10. Scott says:


  11. Eric says:

    I would love to get one of these too

  12. edgewiseonthemarkets says:

    Honestly who has time enough to spend looking at all those videos?

  13. cliveyoung says:

    I would put this on the driver’s side window of my car–people would freak out if they looked over during a red light.

  14. Cristi659 says:

    I want this…where can I get it!!

  15. Leonardo says:

    Hey, could you send me some?
    It’s really good stuff you got there!

  16. i want to buy it? where and how much? or can someone send me this cool sticker for free 🙂

  17. Ivan says:

    Where can I buy these stickers? Are awesome!

    Best wishes from Spain 🙂

  18. Bruna says:

    I want to buy it,i need it!!!!

  19. soninha Fonseca says:

    That ‘s a great idea. I want one . where i can buy it? Best wishes from Brazil

  20. André says:

    How can I get one??????????????

  21. Will says:

    I want to buy it,i need it!!!!

  22. Carol says:

    hello…i loved the idea…
    and i’d love to have some….
    where can i have those?
    im from Brazil…

  23. Diego says:

    Nossa ótimo!!!!!!!!! haha parabéns.

  24. uGur says:

    thanks 😉

  25. F!L___ says:

    Here is a french version of your youtube stickers.

  26. Danis says:

    I want this…Cool…

  27. Hahaha 🙂 wow! that’s a really neat sticker idea. I would have never thought of that.

  28. kike says:

    dónde las vendes o que?

  29. […]YouTube ADDICT[…]

  30. Alexis says:

    Genial idea amigo, enviame unas cuantas por favor..

    saludos desde Chile

  31. Chris says:

    Where can we buy them?????

  32. Lucas says:

    geek, que eres un geek del youtube, haber si consigo alguna por ahi .D

    http://www.NoticiasMIX – ¡El Periodico ON-LINE!

  33. alhakim says:

    watching youtube without internet connection 🙂 nice idea

  34. Very nice post, thanks man!

  35. mumunto says:

    what a creative idea

  36. bamber says:


  37. l.castro says:

    Eu quero!!I want at least 100

  38. It’s verry funny ! He.. he.. he…

  39. SAMI says:

    this is so cool!
    i’m a HUGE youtube addict

    Where can you find this?

    someone please tell!

  40. dyatmika says:

    nice info..where i can buy that sticker?

  41. daryono says:

    hmm, so cool

  42. ???? !!!! wow husss ???? zzzzzzzzzzzz

  43. Your blog is very interresting for me, i will come back here..

  44. What would make you put this on the driver’s side window of your car–people would freak out if they looked over during a red light?

  45. Fernando says:

    legal incrivel super interessante

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    Click the LINK for instructions!

  47. hahaha… thats a good idea. Youtube should hire you!

  48. mathieu says:

    get paid to watch tube on youtube!!
    I made 9 dollars in 2 days
    give it a try you will see!!

  49. sticker says:

    I found some great stickers there

    HAVE FUN !!!

    They are fully customizable and you even can customize your lettering …

  50. Thanks for this artical.

  51. dizi says:

    You are addicted to YOU TUBE? … Yesss :))

  52. Ahsap bank says:

    i want it for my iphone 🙂

  53. Jonas says:

    Really good thing…

  54. kitapindir says:

    Thanks for sharing, i like youtube.

  55. fantastic 🙂

  56. Ana Rosa says:


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