Sharpener RING

Sharpener RING, the luxury tool for architects, designers, artists, ilustrators, … etc.

61 Responses to “Sharpener RING”
  1. emmy says:

    love love love your ring, when and where can i get one?

  2. uwe says:

    i want one, too. great idea!

  3. Becky says:

    Such a cool idea. That might keep me from losing the stupid sharpener and having to waste time trying to find it in my studio.

  4. cindy says:

    omg i love it, i want one…

  5. Good work my friend.

  6. Mariana Chan says:


    but can it cut someone by accident..

  7. Santiago says:

    muy bueno nacho, otra idea divertida… que es de tu vida??? hace mucho que no apareces…
    te mando un abrazo

  8. Dekonstruct says:

    I think the threat of cutting one’s own finger on it only makes it even cooler. Imagine having a whole fist of them color coded to CMYK, you’d be the illest designer ever.

  9. danni says:

    brilliant idea!

  10. sycros says:

    These are sweet! Where can I get one?!

  11. Mecameka says:

    Yo tambien quiero uno!! donde se compran??

  12. chetansorab says:

    I think you should take it up for production. Clever.

  13. Jasper says:

    I want one too! Start producing them!

  14. Géraldine says:

    Ignacio, me encanta lo que haces! Felicitaciones.
    Dónde puedo encontrar tus creaciones en Argentina?

  15. NOTAP says:



  16. sr.werty says:

    Simplemente geniales amigo.


  17. -M@ says:

    good idea…why not just make a prototype though instead of the 3d rendering?

  18. ami says:

    esta baaarbaro igna
    vivo perdiendo el mio

  19. Bara says:

    Una vez mas nos sorprendes con tus productos Ignacio, sinceramente eres un diseñador con mucha imaginación. Hemos escrito otra publicación en el blog, aquí te dejo el link para que lo chequees y mantennos informados

  20. Yahaira Cespedes says:

    I absolutely love this concept! To prevent the “accidental cutting” as another response states, how about jewel-colored or fitted metal caps to hold the shavings (a two-in-one solution)? The MOMENT this product becomes available, I want one!

    A writer myself, I’ve always been partial to using pencils when I write long-hand. Problem is, inspirational remote nature scenes do not provide a solution to re-sharpening when your pencil breaks.

    One more request; if they do become mass-marketed, please make in both women’s and men’s sizes.

    Yahaira C.

  21. alessandro sandron says:

    mucho me a gustado verlo!
    ahora como puede buscarlo?
    ustede me perdonara el idioma que no ablo por 7 años…
    salutaciones de Italia

  22. ksklein says:

    wow. what a beautiful ring. great idea and i would love to get one.

  23. Samanta Maccanti says:

    Lo voglio adesso. Dove posso trovarlo?


  24. Edgar says:

    Hello Ignacio,

    I really respect this effort. And reading the all the posts bove, I’m sure you’ve created a killer adaptation for a common utility. This is pure art. @Dekonstruct: great idea by the way, that ‘cmyk’ wearability… I’d market this designer wannahave directly… And when you do, please let me know…

    Keep up the good work!

  25. tricks says:

    I have seen a sharpener ring before but this looks so different in pictures.

  26. Mir says:

    Grande idea! Dove posso trovarlo in Italia?
    Grazie Mir

  27. Nora says:

    I’d like to sell it in my gallery!!
    Please contact me!

  28. Paul says:

    for my taste i would remove the deepenings on the sides for two reasons.
    practical: you hold the sharpener propably on the ring hole
    aesthetic: minimalistic jewel-like design look-

  29. Patricio says:

    Jamás le sacaría punta a un lápiz con otra cosa que no sea uno a manivela o motor, pero igual me encanta el concepto. En mi caso sería mas como un salvavidas ya que me la paso dibujando.

  30. Interesting cooncept. I have never seen one of those before.

    Tungsten Carbide Rings

  31. Nicolas Pantelos says:

    Me gusto,Ignacio,Felicitaciones! Donde puedo conseguir un par? Me gustaria comercializarlos! Se te ocurre algo para lapices carpinteros,maestro? Abrazo!

  32. Nadia says:

    Hey, tienes diseños maravillosos, este en concreto me encanta, me gustaria tener uno, ¿¿los vendes o vas a comercializarlos de alguna manera?
    es genial! y me vendria de perlas

  33. Melody says:

    Love this! Why is it not somewhere I can *buy* it?

  34. Juicer says:

    New new new stuff, I have never seen a speaker like that, this is very innovative.

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