Stirrers CLIP


Rainy Day – Bank

Design for Imm Living 2010 Even wonder why a black storm cloud looms above you during the most inopportune of times? Black, dense and heavily saturated, when the rain falls, it pours! The sooty Rainy Day Piggy helps you acquire your fortune to get through the rainy days to come. MCA – Artful Goods – … Continue reading

Wind-up USB

Today’s technology moves faster than the speed of light. What is new this minute instantaneously becomes obsolete. The Wind-Up USB key reminds us of the charm of antique toys and clocks, made with time, craft and precision. This subtly hints at the real ‘crank’ mechanism behind computers: the humans.


Poyecto experimental | Produccion de monturas extruidas. Experimental project | Production of extruded frames.

Mix Stix

Design for Fred with Jason Amendolara 2009 Who doesn’t remember knocking out defening drum solos on mom’s pots and pans as she cooked beside you? Mix Stix gives us “adults” an excuse to play again.  It’s a classic set of wooden spoons with a twist. Give the sauce a stir, then flip ‘em over and … Continue reading